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beautiful lake

Everyday I have a meeting with you,
to see your beauty,
to see your calmness,
full of hidden desires.
Every evening I come to see you,
to see the sunset on your wet eyes,
and see the full moon on your darkness.
Every evening your beauty is my host,
your silence is my lullaby,
your darkness is my brightness.
you and me,
me and you,
on the old bench,
full of dry leaves,
under the fingers of bamboo trees.
Every evening, I am your guest,
you are always kind and accept,
my smiles, my tears, my happiness, my sorrow.
Oh beautiful LAKE, you are my healing.


1 comment March 25, 2009


    Small drops of rain come down,
    from the eyes of the heaven
    to touch the lake
    to scribble the picture of tree rows
    sleeping on the surface of the lake.
    small drops of rain from you,
    to wash my eyes
    and, no one knows
    they are
    drops of tears or
    drops of rains,
    on my cheeks
    under the rain.


    1 comment March 14, 2009

misty road

    I will go in a misty road,
    in a foggy day,
    under the rain,
    in a path full of leaves.
    I don’t know where,
    with only my backpack,
    I will go, go, go,
    so, one day,
    I will rise, rise, rise,
    like a black ocean,
    welling and swelling,
    in a day break,
    beset with mist,
    under the rain,…


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That small ragged boy with a big bag, licking lollipop, waiting in a bus stand, is nearer to you.

This small black girl with blue ribbons in her braids hair and a red spot between her eyebrows, with some colorful plastic bangles and noisy anklet, is nearer to you.

Those old wrinkled faces, in different Sarees sitting beside the street with some green tomatoes waiting for a passenger to buy, are nearer to you.

These blissful hearts burning fire and wood stick to do Puja every morning, are nearer to you.

You are every where, we are looking for you.


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blue heart

You are in my vicinity, You are in me
in my deep-rooted desire,
on the intensified sky,
in the shortness of my love,
on the length of a heavy heart.
I am not alone anymore,
You are in me,
as water for a pond gold fish,
and a sea breeze for the gull.
You are in my vicinity,
I call upon you, because,
I know you are there.
You are my blue heart.


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    Being deeply LOVED by somebody gives you strength; LOVING somebody deeply gives you courage.

    Lao Tzu

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A Shoulder to Cry

I am looking for a shoulder to cry
for a hand to take,
for an eye to see.
I am looking for a window
to watch the garden scene.
I am looking for breeze
to touch my face and I breathe.
I am looking for beam
coz I am loosing in dream.
Oh! my beloved God
shall you send your guide?

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I Can’t Stop

I can’t stop the time,
even stop my mind,
wander around the time.
I can’t stop the wind,
not destroy twigs.
I can’t stop the rain,
to go against the grain.
I can’t stop the night,
to have the last light.
I can’t stop the HEART
beating without your Part.


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You were my rain
I wanted to dance under your shower,

You were my rainbow
I wanted to reach the sky with you,

You were my life
I wanted to start again,

You were my red rose
with the fragrance of heaven,

I wanted to pick you up
That the thorn hurt my finger.

I woke up
It was a distant dream.


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I dream of YOU, I feel YOU,
like ice block amidst the glimmering fire.

I dream of YOU, I feel YOU,
as the scent of my memory.

I dream of YOU, I feel YOU,
you are the spark of my dark night.

I dream of YOU, I feel YOU,
like the beauty of my child life.

Wait for me I will unite.


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