God is Love

When I arrived it was late night. I encountered a huge group of people finishing their spiritual ceremony, chanting and walking bare feet around. Like a drop of water in the ocean I was lost. Since it was the first time to be there I tried to follow the others, but this does not help much, I was really lost. I asked some passengers for accommodation but they did not understand English. Oh! My God.

The day starts very early in Puttaparthy. It was my first day of presence there and I was eager to see Baba. Again I entered the complex, this time no one was there. I had to put my belongings like, hand bag, cell phone, and shoes in the cloak room. For if you want to fly you have to be light. I was asking the address from a guy who did not understand English that I heard the answerer from back. God sends his angels to me. The two Sri Lankan sisters were not similar. One of them was more faire with bright pinkish lipstick and a peaceful smile. Both were very calm with starry eyes. Like light they guided me from the first step to Darshan. We were supposed to meet each other again at 7:00 in the evening. I reached there late and the two angels were not there. Oh! My God.

The third day was rainy in the heaven of earth. I was leaving that Utopia. I went to the same place with the flicker hope to meet them again. Alas! they were disappeared. I prayed and cried, just once more, still I did not thank them, nor did I know their names. I waited for an hour under the rain with my heavy bag. A middle aged rural man said, “Sairam, coolie, coolie”. I got from his gesture that he wanted to take my bag. But I did not take my bag to him. “I have to carry it by myself”, I thought. Like a bolt out of the blue the two sisters appeared. I was walking on air. They believed that it was Baba’s wish to meet again. “I forget to ask your names”, “my name is Azadeh, it means freedom,” I said. The two laughed; “nice, this is what everybody is after.” The younger sister said “my name is Thilini, it means gift” and I thought, yea, she was like a gift to me. And the name of the older sister was Tushara. We kissed, hugged and said bye. What a pity, I did not ask the meaning of her name. Do I meet her again to ask? Oh! My God.


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