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I enjoy being a stone,
in the arms of the field
silent both day and night
ignorant and senseless.

I enjoy being a stone,
not even knowing that, I don’t know
when I don’t know, I don’t suffer
when I know that I don’t know
I suffer a lot.

I wish I were a stone
like you, silent and ignorant.


Add a comment April 21, 2009


To reap the sun,
you need to pass the darkness.
The way of spring
is from the winter.
waiting to see the butterfly,
take me to your home,
call me, call me, where there is no sound.
your sound is my lullaby
impetus for metamorphosis of my inner caterpillar.
Call me, let me rise.
I want to fly, to reach the sky
I am bored of staying on earth.
I need you, call me.

1 comment April 8, 2009

earth, no more

Every moment, I am going to the sky
to see the moon and touch the stars.
Every single moment
I am full of deep ocean,
depth of the jungle.
I donot want to be on the surface,
surface of the earth.
deep, deep in the ocean, in the jungle, in the sky,
but not on earth.

3 comments April 8, 2009