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True Love

If it is true,
it sparkles for ever,
it blossoms at any time,
and gives birth to the new stars and spring buds.

If it is true,
it never fades with a gentle blow
it never pales with other colors.

No one can steal it,
even no body can touch it,
it will never die in our heart,
if it is a true Love.


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Paintings of …

who can believe that they are paintings (By Biswajit Pandey)

In the mist


Dare to dream


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broken heart

Only a broken heart
is near to your heart.
Even if you say nothing,
your silence is full of sounds,
you are a colorless smile,
implying colorful crying.
I am a small cloud,
I wanna rain with you!!

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the joy of meditation


Life is a paradox. If you live inside your boundary, you will be liberated from boundary consciousness! The moment we start living inside our boundary, we are jeevanmukta. In Sanskrit it means a person who is liberated while still alive. A person who has achieved spiritual freedom while still living in the body. Azadeh also means liberty and freedom. feel free, be free.

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Quote of the day

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come, we have only today, let’s begin.

Mother Teresa

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Dance of dark shadows on the ground,
once tall, once short,
sometimes lagging back,
sometimes running in front.

I am with my shadow,
still standing in the darkness,
tired of shadows,
I wanna salute the sun!

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mind chow 2

In the coldest moments or

in the dreariest of times,

the best thing to hold on to

are love and the person you share it with it.

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I am with You

You hear all my stories,
You sitting there silently.

You see all tears rolling on my face,
and a fading smile.

As I am there, you are there,
sitting in the mirror,
on a broken wall.

I am with you,
You on the mirror.
You know my story!

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birthday of a star

I am invited to the birthday of a star,

tonight in the sky.

I have a pocket of light to bestow.

then, tomorrow,

you can see a new smile in the sky.

the youngest smile,

can you find?

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