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The dream of my heart

(sometimes others express your feeling better.)

The dreams of my heart and my mind pass
nothing stays with me long
but I have had from a child
the deep solace of song.

If that should ever leave me
let me find death and stay
with things whose tunes are played out and forgotten
like the rain of yesterday.

Sara Teasdale


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Like all kids, I also put my pair of shoes outside some days before Christmas! Every night before sleeping I told the story of Christmas Father to my sweetie, the story of kind Santa with his red suits and his sleigh, singing and soaring and coming from far. Now, I believe it more. Now, every night I sleep with his dream and early morning I check my shoes. I know it is still very soon, but I wish he brings something for me, will he bring?

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Paintings of …

who can believe that they are paintings (By Biswajit Pandey)

In the mist


Dare to dream


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Dance of dark shadows on the ground,
once tall, once short,
sometimes lagging back,
sometimes running in front.

I am with my shadow,
still standing in the darkness,
tired of shadows,
I wanna salute the sun!

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It is beautiful
to wake up at mid night
find it rainy
you also cry unconsciously
for somebody missing.
somebody near and far
and you do not know where.

It is beautiful
to write for somebody
without any response,
or speak with somebody
without any voice.

It is beautiful
to remember someone,
but no one remembers you.
you cry for somebody,
and no one cries for you.

It is beautiful
to wake up at night
see a shooting star,
and wish,
then tomorrow
you see somebody you love!

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I was swimming in my dreams,
reviewing from the past, wandering to the future.
In that darkness
I was not aware that the moon,
behind the window, is gazing at me
at the bright pearls on my face.
I woke up, closed the window.
The moon stayed outside alone.
Oh, God, so sorry for sending her out,
you must be the only spectator of my tears!

1 comment April 9, 2009

A Shoulder to Cry

I am looking for a shoulder to cry
for a hand to take,
for an eye to see.
I am looking for a window
to watch the garden scene.
I am looking for breeze
to touch my face and I breathe.
I am looking for beam
coz I am loosing in dream.
Oh! my beloved God
shall you send your guide?

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You were my rain
I wanted to dance under your shower,

You were my rainbow
I wanted to reach the sky with you,

You were my life
I wanted to start again,

You were my red rose
with the fragrance of heaven,

I wanted to pick you up
That the thorn hurt my finger.

I woke up
It was a distant dream.


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I dream of YOU, I feel YOU,
like ice block amidst the glimmering fire.

I dream of YOU, I feel YOU,
as the scent of my memory.

I dream of YOU, I feel YOU,
you are the spark of my dark night.

I dream of YOU, I feel YOU,
like the beauty of my child life.

Wait for me I will unite.


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