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childhood dreams



How happy childhood world is,
full of green emotions.
A child is happy
with a light, colorful balloon
throwing ups and down.
A child is happy
with a piece of brown chocolate,
it is enough to change the taste of his mouth,
How sweet his life is!!

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to my mother

To my MOTHER, who is not here to read these lines and I cannot make her happy anymore. Still, there is a vain in my heart to be filled by her kisses.

God gave you a tear to shed,
a tear invisible to me.
I could never ever appreciate you,
who had no dreams, except me.
You were a pillow for my fall,
and a ladder for my rise.
To me you were the smile of the sunshine,
Oh MOTHER! a mother still needs you.

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A Mother

To all innocent children who does not have any body except MOTHER.

A mother is not an angel,
there are sometimes when
she is not thinking about her child,
there are some moments when
she cannot remember her child’s smile,
and some seconds when
she forget her child is crying.
A mother is not an angel,
she may be in dream
but not her child’s dream.

3 comments April 18, 2009