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Like all kids, I also put my pair of shoes outside some days before Christmas! Every night before sleeping I told the story of Christmas Father to my sweetie, the story of kind Santa with his red suits and his sleigh, singing and soaring and coming from far. Now, I believe it more. Now, every night I sleep with his dream and early morning I check my shoes. I know it is still very soon, but I wish he brings something for me, will he bring?


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No rose, no garden
No freedom, no sky
No light, no happiness.

I will leave all
return to you,
to the cage.

To rose and garden
To freedom and sky
To light and happiness.

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I am just a simple monk

If you provide some happiness, some comfort to others then your life becomes meaningful. If your life creates problem or suffering to others then there is no meaning to your existence.

Dalai Lama

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