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Tum Mile

I am fond of this recent Hindi song, I listened to it more than hundred times!

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Sohrab-e Sepehri

Man be amare zamin mashkokam

Agar in shahr por az adam hast

Pas chera in hame delha tanhast?

[English translation]

I am skeptical about the census of earth

If people are there in the city

why all feel lonely?

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Beauty of …

Wild, dark, bare, but pure … !!

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All flowers smell
You are the only with no smell.

All roses have thorn
You have no.

All stars shine
But not you.

No Trace of you
No trace of you.

I count the stars
till dawn,

I pass the roads
till end,

I turn over the pages
tomorrow, today, yesterday.

We will be far or near?
Who knows?

No trace of you
No trace of you.

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The Peace Chant

I always pray for all, for you and me.

Om, May Brahman protect us both! May Brahman bestow upon us both the fruit of knowledge! May we both obtain the energy to acquire knowledge! May what we both study reveal the truth! May we cherish no ill-feeling toward each other! Om. Peace! Peace! Peace! (From holy Upanishads)

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