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Sohrab-e Sepehri

Man be amare zamin mashkokam

Agar in shahr por az adam hast

Pas chera in hame delha tanhast?

[English translation]

I am skeptical about the census of earth

If people are there in the city

why all feel lonely?

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Standing lonely in the middle of darkness,
past is gone, future is unseen.

I heard the whisper of angels and demons.

Walking slowly near the ocean edge,
the waves yelling and beating my ankles.

Clouds closed the stars eyes
and no wind could defeat the stingy sky.

No hope to take you out,
no hands to pull you in,
neither the deep ocean,
nor the earth surface.

Who sings where love is?
who knows where hope is?
who shows where light is?

1 comment September 15, 2009

me and I

I send a gift for myself,
to feel that somebody remembers me.

When my pillow is wet,
I wipe the weep on my cheeks,
to show that somebody is with me.

I smile in front of the mirror,
to share my sweet moments.

And lend on the wall,
to sense that if one day I am down, somebody is near me.

I speak to myself,
cry for myself,
and smile with myself.

1 comment May 19, 2009

loneliness is my friend

Loneliness is my close friend,
when with me,
I need nobody,
I do not feel alone.

Loneliness is mine, loneliness is me,
it is always with me,
I do not feel alone.

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A lonely planet

I am dry, like a dessert

need your rain.

I am empty, like a bubble

fill me with your fresh sentiment.

I am alone, like a planet

step on me, stay with me

Till the end of the world

or the life of a “lonely planet”.

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blossoms of a lonely heart

loneliness my cup of joy
sharing loneliness is happiness
sharing sorrow is happiness
loneliness is all that I enjoy
smiling, laughing endears lonely happiness

Dr. J. M. Bayer

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