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Happy Birthday

The day was an ordinary day, the night was not. The moon was full and bright, but because of window net it seemed pale. I was taking the bars of window, we have been together all the night. It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop and the clock was singing, as usual, ding, dong, ding, dong… how much is left to birth, to light, to life, to love??????

It is my birthday, freedom is born, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME”. I remembered when I was born and opened my eyes I cried. Wow, how many times should I be born? again I am here!!

I send an E-card to myself and I will buy chocolate cake, but how many candles should I blow?! 🙂 secret.


2 comments January 30, 2010


No rose, no garden
No freedom, no sky
No light, no happiness.

I will leave all
return to you,
to the cage.

To rose and garden
To freedom and sky
To light and happiness.

Add a comment December 18, 2009

birthday of a star

I am invited to the birthday of a star,

tonight in the sky.

I have a pocket of light to bestow.

then, tomorrow,

you can see a new smile in the sky.

the youngest smile,

can you find?

1 comment June 1, 2009


Like a colorful kite

my dreams went up to the sky,

up and up and up

to hit the sun.

I took its tread to the wind

the kite escaped to destiny,

the child wept for his lost kite

I cried for my dreams.

1 comment May 12, 2009

The sky and I missed you

It was neither winter

nor cold.

Lack of freshness,

The sky burst into tears

I am sure,

The sky and I missed you.

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your star

Being alone at night,
I was too close to the stars.
I could pick the one that I liked!
I raised my head
impressed by those twinklings
let out a very deep sigh,
which one is your star?
I wanna be with you.

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