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No Home

We live near,
But we are far.

You don’t know me,
I know you less.

At least,
Let’s, not break the mirrors,
If we cannot salute love.

For, should it be broken,
We cannot make it again.


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I will always keep the windows open
to invite you.
If you pass the street,
I will put the flowers out
to smell just your fragrance.

If you come
I will switch all the lights
to see your light
or, no
I will turn on the lights
to obsess you better.

Gazing the street
my windows are always open
to invite you,
if one day you pass my street.
come out into the open, into the clearing.

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A woman

“A woman is always a woman”

Kindly add your opinions about the above sentence, (especially females write!) 🙂

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home ?

To all women who suffer silently at their own home!!!

Inside dark, outside dark
no one is waiting for you, you are waiting for no body
where is home?
a four-wall house to be kept alone,
a place to hide your tears
or if it comes unconsciously, no one asks why.
somewhere to veil your heart
and if you want to open it, no one is there (although there are some!)
where is home?
where no one understands you, you too
and live just by each other
but not for each other.
where is home?
if it is home, then home is home
and everywhere is better than home!( to tell the truth )

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