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Plants grow from plants,

Animals breed animals,

Birds hatches,

Idea gives birth to idea,

Poverty brings poverty,

Wealth is the mother of wealth,

Love makes Love,

And hatred are children of hatred,


I raise from ashes,

When burning is complete,

And no corpse is left,

I am the new born phoenix.


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We are water

Just close your eyes and flow with the music of the river.

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Apple basket

With an apple in hand,
and a basket, full of roses in another,
I was waiting for you.
Starry nights arrived, but not you.

Some dreary times passed,
Sparrows migrated,
Amber blossoms faded,
Gold fish freezed,
And rivers dried.
Starry nights arrived, but not you.

I am still waiting,
With the fragrance of apple in hand,
And an empty basket on the other.
Starry nights arrived, but not you.

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No Home

We live near,
But we are far.

You don’t know me,
I know you less.

At least,
Let’s, not break the mirrors,
If we cannot salute love.

For, should it be broken,
We cannot make it again.

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To blossom, I need fresh air.
To rise, I need a hand.

A warm hand to hold,
A reason to blossom.

My inner bud is blooming,
God! help me, I am glooming.

Send me a warm hand, a reason, and fresh air.

1 comment August 1, 2009