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Under the rain

Under the rain, you called me.

Under the rain, you hold me.

Under the the rain, you told me.

Under the rain, you left me.

I am waiting for the rain,

For that day again,

To see you, to call you, to hold you and to tell you.


Add a comment July 15, 2009


Let me be an umbrella for you,
when it is rainy
when it is sunny,
and you never know
why in that storm
you didn’t get drench,
or under the burning sun
she didn’t touch your skin warmly.
let me be an umbrella for you.

Add a comment April 18, 2009


    Small drops of rain come down,
    from the eyes of the heaven
    to touch the lake
    to scribble the picture of tree rows
    sleeping on the surface of the lake.
    small drops of rain from you,
    to wash my eyes
    and, no one knows
    they are
    drops of tears or
    drops of rains,
    on my cheeks
    under the rain.


    1 comment March 14, 2009