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sea is not generous

sea is generous

everybody says,

full of water, vast and open

but it is not generous

for a thirsty man

looking for a drop of water.


2 comments April 2, 2009

sea is alive


The sky full of bright dots,
an old bench near the sea,
the romance of sand and sound.
The sea is alive,
never sleeps.
The wave’s sound roaring in the coast,
gives me freely,
happiness and tranquility,
joy and refreshing,
Oh my Gosh! no one could give me those freely.

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beautiful lake

Everyday I have a meeting with you,
to see your beauty,
to see your calmness,
full of hidden desires.
Every evening I come to see you,
to see the sunset on your wet eyes,
and see the full moon on your darkness.
Every evening your beauty is my host,
your silence is my lullaby,
your darkness is my brightness.
you and me,
me and you,
on the old bench,
full of dry leaves,
under the fingers of bamboo trees.
Every evening, I am your guest,
you are always kind and accept,
my smiles, my tears, my happiness, my sorrow.
Oh beautiful LAKE, you are my healing.


1 comment March 25, 2009