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At Least

A window to happiness,

A wing to highness,

A sun for light,

A star for shine,

A drop of rain for joy,

A day,

A night,

A life,

A death,

A pill to kill


A heart to beat,

once for one.


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To blossom, I need fresh air.
To rise, I need a hand.

A warm hand to hold,
A reason to blossom.

My inner bud is blooming,
God! help me, I am glooming.

Send me a warm hand, a reason, and fresh air.

1 comment August 1, 2009

I will plant my heart

My slicing heart and I were walking under the rain,

I will plant my heart and dance slowly,

under the rain slapping on the ground.

Time is short,

one day in a spring morning it will blossom,

blossoms of a lonely heart.

The music won’t last,

I will run through each day,

and fly to the day,

when I plant my heart in rain.

Chanting with my heart,

“every one for himself, God for us all”

I dance slowly under the rain.

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broken heart

Only a broken heart
is near to your heart.
Even if you say nothing,
your silence is full of sounds,
you are a colorless smile,
implying colorful crying.
I am a small cloud,
I wanna rain with you!!

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This soul, this heart is wearily worn,

a simple smile could make me happy,
a shallow smile not from the bottom of heart.

a yellow rose could make me glad,
not a bunch of red roses.

a small message, just some simple words,
could make me happy.

this soul, this heart is deprived of the cure needed.

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lonely, broken heart

Having a “lonely heart” is better than having a “broken heart”, worst of all is to have a “lonely broken heart”, isn’t it?!

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lonely heart

hand in hand
we could feel the coldness of sand,
we were making footprints behind
and the waves were destroying.
In front of the yelling sea, and the falling sun
you told me,
I read your poems,
I live you, I love you.
but you have never asked
why “lonely heart” !!!

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blue heart

You are in my vicinity, You are in me
in my deep-rooted desire,
on the intensified sky,
in the shortness of my love,
on the length of a heavy heart.
I am not alone anymore,
You are in me,
as water for a pond gold fish,
and a sea breeze for the gull.
You are in my vicinity,
I call upon you, because,
I know you are there.
You are my blue heart.


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the best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched but are felt in the heart.

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