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Gone are the days,
but not the memories,
which will be lingering in our heart
for ever, and ever and ever.

Gone are the days,
but still there are lot more,
to come in our life.

no matter how busy you are,
don’t forget to live the life that still exist.


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me and I

I send a gift for myself,
to feel that somebody remembers me.

When my pillow is wet,
I wipe the weep on my cheeks,
to show that somebody is with me.

I smile in front of the mirror,
to share my sweet moments.

And lend on the wall,
to sense that if one day I am down, somebody is near me.

I speak to myself,
cry for myself,
and smile with myself.

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This soul, this heart is wearily worn,

a simple smile could make me happy,
a shallow smile not from the bottom of heart.

a yellow rose could make me glad,
not a bunch of red roses.

a small message, just some simple words,
could make me happy.

this soul, this heart is deprived of the cure needed.

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loneliness is my friend

Loneliness is my close friend,
when with me,
I need nobody,
I do not feel alone.

Loneliness is mine, loneliness is me,
it is always with me,
I do not feel alone.

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I will always keep the windows open
to invite you.
If you pass the street,
I will put the flowers out
to smell just your fragrance.

If you come
I will switch all the lights
to see your light
or, no
I will turn on the lights
to obsess you better.

Gazing the street
my windows are always open
to invite you,
if one day you pass my street.
come out into the open, into the clearing.

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Like a colorful kite

my dreams went up to the sky,

up and up and up

to hit the sun.

I took its tread to the wind

the kite escaped to destiny,

the child wept for his lost kite

I cried for my dreams.

1 comment May 12, 2009

A lonely planet

I am dry, like a dessert

need your rain.

I am empty, like a bubble

fill me with your fresh sentiment.

I am alone, like a planet

step on me, stay with me

Till the end of the world

or the life of a “lonely planet”.

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It is beautiful
to wake up at mid night
find it rainy
you also cry unconsciously
for somebody missing.
somebody near and far
and you do not know where.

It is beautiful
to write for somebody
without any response,
or speak with somebody
without any voice.

It is beautiful
to remember someone,
but no one remembers you.
you cry for somebody,
and no one cries for you.

It is beautiful
to wake up at night
see a shooting star,
and wish,
then tomorrow
you see somebody you love!

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lonely, broken heart

Having a “lonely heart” is better than having a “broken heart”, worst of all is to have a “lonely broken heart”, isn’t it?!

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Be my flower
I wanna sniff you,
fondle your tender petals.
Be my white rose
plain, with no other colors.
I will water you every sunshine,
when the sunset arrives
and you wither
I will die before you, for you.
Our life is so brief,
be my flower
my white rose
be the only rose without thorn.

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