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All flowers smell
You are the only with no smell.

All roses have thorn
You have no.

All stars shine
But not you.

No Trace of you
No trace of you.

I count the stars
till dawn,

I pass the roads
till end,

I turn over the pages
tomorrow, today, yesterday.

We will be far or near?
Who knows?

No trace of you
No trace of you.


Add a comment April 13, 2010


Mountains are standing for ever,
rivers are sleeping,

There is no agony in standing hills,
and no happiness in flowing rivers,
even no pain in sticking stones.

What is hidden on passing these days?

Reality is here, near,
rainbow is a dream,
in the night of cactus,
and rain is a strange word,
in the day of dessert.

This is reality,near, here!

2 comments October 3, 2009

birthday of a star

I am invited to the birthday of a star,

tonight in the sky.

I have a pocket of light to bestow.

then, tomorrow,

you can see a new smile in the sky.

the youngest smile,

can you find?

1 comment June 1, 2009

your star

Being alone at night,
I was too close to the stars.
I could pick the one that I liked!
I raised my head
impressed by those twinklings
let out a very deep sigh,
which one is your star?
I wanna be with you.

Add a comment April 18, 2009

earth, no more

Every moment, I am going to the sky
to see the moon and touch the stars.
Every single moment
I am full of deep ocean,
depth of the jungle.
I donot want to be on the surface,
surface of the earth.
deep, deep in the ocean, in the jungle, in the sky,
but not on earth.

3 comments April 8, 2009