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Bye India

I was crying when I came, now I am crying for leaving. I love all and some loves me. But I did not realize this till I informed my friends I am leaving. All came to meet me for the last time, with a rose in hand, a smile on face and tears on eyes. Sometimes last is the best however, I feel heavy in my heart to use this word now. Life is very short, world is very small ! Bye India and thanks for everything.


Add a comment June 21, 2010

broken heart

Only a broken heart
is near to your heart.
Even if you say nothing,
your silence is full of sounds,
you are a colorless smile,
implying colorful crying.
I am a small cloud,
I wanna rain with you!!

Add a comment June 23, 2009

birthday of a star

I am invited to the birthday of a star,

tonight in the sky.

I have a pocket of light to bestow.

then, tomorrow,

you can see a new smile in the sky.

the youngest smile,

can you find?

1 comment June 1, 2009


This soul, this heart is wearily worn,

a simple smile could make me happy,
a shallow smile not from the bottom of heart.

a yellow rose could make me glad,
not a bunch of red roses.

a small message, just some simple words,
could make me happy.

this soul, this heart is deprived of the cure needed.

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to my mother

To my MOTHER, who is not here to read these lines and I cannot make her happy anymore. Still, there is a vain in my heart to be filled by her kisses.

God gave you a tear to shed,
a tear invisible to me.
I could never ever appreciate you,
who had no dreams, except me.
You were a pillow for my fall,
and a ladder for my rise.
To me you were the smile of the sunshine,
Oh MOTHER! a mother still needs you.

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A Mother

To all innocent children who does not have any body except MOTHER.

A mother is not an angel,
there are sometimes when
she is not thinking about her child,
there are some moments when
she cannot remember her child’s smile,
and some seconds when
she forget her child is crying.
A mother is not an angel,
she may be in dream
but not her child’s dream.

3 comments April 18, 2009

beautiful lake

Everyday I have a meeting with you,
to see your beauty,
to see your calmness,
full of hidden desires.
Every evening I come to see you,
to see the sunset on your wet eyes,
and see the full moon on your darkness.
Every evening your beauty is my host,
your silence is my lullaby,
your darkness is my brightness.
you and me,
me and you,
on the old bench,
full of dry leaves,
under the fingers of bamboo trees.
Every evening, I am your guest,
you are always kind and accept,
my smiles, my tears, my happiness, my sorrow.
Oh beautiful LAKE, you are my healing.


1 comment March 25, 2009