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Bye India

I was crying when I came, now I am crying for leaving. I love all and some loves me. But I did not realize this till I informed my friends I am leaving. All came to meet me for the last time, with a rose in hand, a smile on face and tears on eyes. Sometimes last is the best however, I feel heavy in my heart to use this word now. Life is very short, world is very small ! Bye India and thanks for everything.


Add a comment June 21, 2010


All flowers smell
You are the only with no smell.

All roses have thorn
You have no.

All stars shine
But not you.

No Trace of you
No trace of you.

I count the stars
till dawn,

I pass the roads
till end,

I turn over the pages
tomorrow, today, yesterday.

We will be far or near?
Who knows?

No trace of you
No trace of you.

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Stranger, think long before you enter,
For these corridors amuse not passing travellers.
But if you enter, keep your voice to yourself.
Nor should you tinkle and toll your tongue.
These columns rose not, for such as you.
But for those urgent pilgrim feet that wander
on lonely ways, seeking the roots of rootless trees.

The earth has many flowery roads; choose one
That pleases your whim, and gods be with you.
But now leave!-leave me to my dark green solitude
Which like the deep dream world of the sea
Has its moving shapes; coral; ancient coins;
Carved urns and ruins of ancient ships and gods:
And mermaids, with flowering golden hair
That charm a patch of silent darkness
Into singing sunlight.

“From an inscription of an ancient temple”

5 comments February 6, 2010


No rose, no garden
No freedom, no sky
No light, no happiness.

I will leave all
return to you,
to the cage.

To rose and garden
To freedom and sky
To light and happiness.

Add a comment December 18, 2009


I love darkness, because in darkness I see light,

I love night, for at night I have moon,

I love sadness, to search for happiness,

I love brown soil, where red rose and green leaves grow,

I love ocean, source of motion,

I love you, to live without you.

1 comment November 5, 2009


This soul, this heart is wearily worn,

a simple smile could make me happy,
a shallow smile not from the bottom of heart.

a yellow rose could make me glad,
not a bunch of red roses.

a small message, just some simple words,
could make me happy.

this soul, this heart is deprived of the cure needed.

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Be my flower
I wanna sniff you,
fondle your tender petals.
Be my white rose
plain, with no other colors.
I will water you every sunshine,
when the sunset arrives
and you wither
I will die before you, for you.
Our life is so brief,
be my flower
my white rose
be the only rose without thorn.

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You were my rain
I wanted to dance under your shower,

You were my rainbow
I wanted to reach the sky with you,

You were my life
I wanted to start again,

You were my red rose
with the fragrance of heaven,

I wanted to pick you up
That the thorn hurt my finger.

I woke up
It was a distant dream.


Add a comment March 4, 2009