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The dream of my heart

(sometimes others express your feeling better.)

The dreams of my heart and my mind pass
nothing stays with me long
but I have had from a child
the deep solace of song.

If that should ever leave me
let me find death and stay
with things whose tunes are played out and forgotten
like the rain of yesterday.

Sara Teasdale

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mind chow 2

In the coldest moments or

in the dreariest of times,

the best thing to hold on to

are love and the person you share it with it.

2 comments June 10, 2009


The scar of your dagger on my heart,
That’s why I cannot forget your part.
Why am I lost?
Enkindle the spark of LOVE
in the melody of a disturbed deserted land,
in a searching eyes with blank mind,
in a heart tied to me,
with a flicker of hope to be.
In the bewildering night,
where there is no light.
embrace me in your warmth.
To whom can I trust?


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mind chow

You can stand tall

without standing on someone .

You can be a victor

without having victims.

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