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All flowers smell
You are the only with no smell.

All roses have thorn
You have no.

All stars shine
But not you.

No Trace of you
No trace of you.

I count the stars
till dawn,

I pass the roads
till end,

I turn over the pages
tomorrow, today, yesterday.

We will be far or near?
Who knows?

No trace of you
No trace of you.


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No beauty is lasting.

Flowers will fade soon,
days will end to night,
young will change to old,
sun will fall in the ocean at sunset.

No beauty is reliable.

No one can step on the pretty waves,
no body can pick stars,
step on rough rocks,
and pick thistle.

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Be my flower
I wanna sniff you,
fondle your tender petals.
Be my white rose
plain, with no other colors.
I will water you every sunshine,
when the sunset arrives
and you wither
I will die before you, for you.
Our life is so brief,
be my flower
my white rose
be the only rose without thorn.

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Lone flower, vivid red, near edge of sea in bright sunlight, reddish stony earth and other sparse vegitation !

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