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Sohrab-e Sepehri

Man be amare zamin mashkokam

Agar in shahr por az adam hast

Pas chera in hame delha tanhast?

[English translation]

I am skeptical about the census of earth

If people are there in the city

why all feel lonely?


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A New Earth

Earth, 114 million years ago, one morning just after sunrise:
The first flower ever to appear on the planet opens up to receive the rays of the sun. Prior to this momentous event that heralds an evolutionary transformation in the life of plants, the planet has already been covered in vegetation for millions of years. The first flower probably did not survive for long, and flowers must have remained rare and isolated phenomena, since conditions were most likely not yet favorable for a widespread flowering to occur. One day, however, a critical threshold was reached, and suddenly there would have been and explosion of color and scent all over the planets_if a perceiving consciousness had been there to witness it. Eckhart Tolle

(May be this happens in one of the days of 2010 !!!!!!!!!!)

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All is darkness,
and the statues’ glimpse,
stone statues without heart.

Crows are sitting on top,
cruelty multi-foliaged Tulsi,
and no one asked why,
I have never walked on the wet meadow after the rain.

Earth is greedy,
it sucks and hides in its citadels.

The old Guru in the ashram promised:
One day, after the rain,
in the sun rise,
when the sky is cloudy and sunny,
all in the heart of the earth will grow.

One day far, but not near.

1 comment September 2, 2009


To reap the sun,
you need to pass the darkness.
The way of spring
is from the winter.
waiting to see the butterfly,
take me to your home,
call me, call me, where there is no sound.
your sound is my lullaby
impetus for metamorphosis of my inner caterpillar.
Call me, let me rise.
I want to fly, to reach the sky
I am bored of staying on earth.
I need you, call me.

1 comment April 8, 2009

earth, no more

Every moment, I am going to the sky
to see the moon and touch the stars.
Every single moment
I am full of deep ocean,
depth of the jungle.
I donot want to be on the surface,
surface of the earth.
deep, deep in the ocean, in the jungle, in the sky,
but not on earth.

3 comments April 8, 2009