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The dream of my heart

(sometimes others express your feeling better.)

The dreams of my heart and my mind pass
nothing stays with me long
but I have had from a child
the deep solace of song.

If that should ever leave me
let me find death and stay
with things whose tunes are played out and forgotten
like the rain of yesterday.

Sara Teasdale


Add a comment June 6, 2010


Like a colorful kite

my dreams went up to the sky,

up and up and up

to hit the sun.

I took its tread to the wind

the kite escaped to destiny,

the child wept for his lost kite

I cried for my dreams.

1 comment May 12, 2009

childhood dreams



How happy childhood world is,
full of green emotions.
A child is happy
with a light, colorful balloon
throwing ups and down.
A child is happy
with a piece of brown chocolate,
it is enough to change the taste of his mouth,
How sweet his life is!!

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A Mother

To all innocent children who does not have any body except MOTHER.

A mother is not an angel,
there are sometimes when
she is not thinking about her child,
there are some moments when
she cannot remember her child’s smile,
and some seconds when
she forget her child is crying.
A mother is not an angel,
she may be in dream
but not her child’s dream.

3 comments April 18, 2009